Jonathan Stahl

Writer/Creative Professional

This website serves as a calling card; a place for me to exhibit my skills as a writer, filmmaker, and creative, such as they are. Take a look around.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Zac 2013

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Zac 2013

Jonathan Stahl is a writer and creative professional based in Los Angeles, CA. 



My philosophy on filmmaking has evolved since graduating from the film program at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007. Having worked in development, on set and in post production, I've learned a great deal about storytelling in a visual medium such as film or TV. And while I still have a lot more to learn, I try to apply what knowledge I do have to every project that I work on, be it commercial, doc-style or narrative.

The most important lesson I've picked up along the road is that a great story can come from anywhere. Very often, the best stories come from those without the resources to tell them on a big scale. But you stretch your resources, you get creative, and you try your ass off to accomplish what everyone in the game tells you is impossible without money and connections. Then, hopefully, if you're smart enough and you work hard enough, the money and connections follow.

But I don't focus on that. The only thing I ever ask for is the opportunity to do this stuff again and again and again. And in doing so, I hope that my storytelling can continue to evolve. 

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2014 - Co-Director/DP - Soyer Inc. Fashion Line - Look Book Teaser

2013 - Director/EP - In the Interim - Web Series Pilot

2013 - Director - Sphero (Orbotix) - Commercial

2013 - Producer - Eastsiders - *Won LA Weekly Web Award - Best Drama Web

2013 - Associate Producer - Robin Banks - Warner 2.0 Web Series

2013 - Associate Producer - Red Scare - Web Series

2013 - Director - Hydromed Inc. - Commercial

2012 - UPM - Best Friends Forever - Feature Film - Storeyteller

2012 - APOC - Maron Season 1 - FTVS

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